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      歡 迎 您!

          為適應公司外向性工作的需要,公司人事部需考察您的綜合素質,請按要求將下述資料翻譯成中文,另寫一份關于<<誠信與職業道德>>的文章(1000字左右),并隨同簡歷及照片(生活照) 電郵 到我公司人事部 郵箱。

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      Dear Algas SDI Distributors, Representatives and Partners:

      First of all, I want to thank you for your support in achieving our mutual business goals in 1999. During 1999, we accomplished a number of milestones and key objectives:

      u Successful merger of Algas Industries. Inc. And Sam Dick Industries. Inc. With the new company based in Seattle, Washington. We now have in place a combined sales & marketing, engineering, manufacturing and R&D organization second to none in the industry!
      u Implemented a new Master Distributor Distribution Approach to enhance customer service for our Pre-engineered Product Line.
      u Enhancing and providing strong support to our current Representative Network.
      u Continued to staff and resource for international growth including expanding our presence in China, Pacific Rim, Europe and South America.
      u Upgrade the XP Electric Vaporizer.

      As we enter the new millenium and the 2000 fiscal year (which for Algas SDI begins April 1), I wanted to share with you our Primary Excellence Goals. When achieved, these PEGs will carve out a position clearly differentiating us from the competition and will provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace:

      ◎ Be #1 in the industry in providing innovative, reliable products;
      ◎ Have and maintain the best channels in each market throughout the world, Operate in a culture focused on customer needs and superior industry knowledge;
      ◎ Provide easy customer access to information, products and services;
      ◎ Facilitate Eclipse brand penetration and integration

      In addition, we will be developing a technology roadmap, collecting insights from our representatives and suppliers. When complete this roadmap will help in setting the direction for new development opportunities and will help determine the skills and education requirements to carry us forward.

      With the excellent foundation we have laid in 1999, I am confident that 2000 will be an even better year for our mutual businesses. All of us at Algas SDI look forward to working closely with you to achieve our objective of sustaining the #1 position in the LPG industry in customer service. Periodically we will update you on new strategies that we are pursuing, new product improvements and new development activities.
      Best wishes for a safe and successful 2000.
      Randy Ervin,PE


      Title to material (each item) shall pass to the Buyer when goods are ready for shipment at Seller workshop. It is however agreed and understood that the passage of title shall not be construed by Seller as a release from Seller's responsibility to fully carry out its obligations under the contract and Seller shall retain risk of loss or damages to the material (item) until delivered as defined in the contract (INCOTERMS, last edition shall apply).
      If, for causes not ascribable to Seller, the shipment cannot be effected within a reasonable time from the date of notice that the products are ready to be shipped all the expenses connected with the preservation, storage, insurance etc., of the products, if any, will be charged to the Buyer.

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